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What Should You Write About?

Your article should be well-researched and have in-depth and actionable insights into the following topics that usually do very well in our blog:

  • Networking Events: Who? What? How? Why?
  • Business Development
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing strategies & tactics
  • Brand awareness/reputation management
  • Influencer marketing & collaborations
  • Public relations
  • Crisis communications & management
  • Networking Benefits
  • Interview an expert in your industry
  • Industry myths
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Important Detail To Consider

  • 1.
    Content must be original.(Not previously published in print or anywhere on the web. Cannot be passages lifted from other articles unless presented as a quote).
  • 2.
    Avoid the excessive external linking. 3-4 external links per post to high-quality sites that make sense within the context of the article.
  • 3.
    Give credit where it is due.All sources must be attributed and hyperlinked (This includes any images or pdfs used)
  • 4.
    No Self Promotion.Any articles containing content and links to affiliate and referrals, will be automatically rejected. Your article must be helpful, knowledgeable, and insightful
  • 5.
    Add some color & Imagery.Include 2-3 photographs and illustrations, but ensure the images are in the public domain or that you have permission to use with the blog. Properly credit all images.
  • 6.
    SEOWhen writing your article, focus on a keyword you want to rank for. We want your article to rank high so its seen by our readers and easily found by search engines.
  • 7.
    Keep it light & Entertaining.Our readers are busy people. They’re not looking for long-winded prose and paragraphs that you could use to prop open a door. Share your ideas in an upbeat and honest way, as if you’re talking to a good friend. Short paragraphs, succinct sentences, and a light touch will always win our hearts.
  • 8.
    Less is more.Give our readers a lot of information in as few words as possible.(300-600 words)
  • 9.
    Make up a great title for your article.We want you to catch our eye!