Why Working In Office Is Here To Stay

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on March 11, 2021 at 4:14 AM

Why Working In Office Is Here To Stay

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Over the past year people seem to have written off the office in exchange for remote working. Apps like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams have blown up during the pandemic and have made it easy to stay in contact with company workers, while maintaining a productive schedule at home.

So is the brick-and-mortar office dead for good? Many CEOs argue that offices will never fully leave, despite the ability to work remotely. As nice as saving a commute can be, there are certain aspects of an office that you just cannot get at home.


So here are five reasons why working in an office is here to stay.


1. Feeling A Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

The issue with remote working is not a lack of access to necessary applications, rather it’s a lack of feeling a part of a team. An office offers face to face discussions and decision making with multiple people everyday. While you can use Zoom for meetings, it’ll never truly replace the sense of belonging that an office brings.

Remote work brings with it bouts of loneliness, and cabin fever as well. Getting out of the house separates your work life from your home life, and that is a distinction that many people feel that they need.


2. Learning Is About Body Language

Such a large part of communication is body language. We understand and communicate more effectively face-to-face then we do via our laptops. This is especially hard for new hires who don’t understand the workplace atmosphere and might not always understand explanations by just seeing someone's face over a zoom call.

Learning more effectively and quickly is done through office communications and that is why it is essential that we never completely cut out those kinds of workplace interactions.


3. Situations Are Similar At Work, They Are Not At Home

The atmosphere is the same for most people at an office, which allows everyone an equal chance to get the same amount of work accomplished during the day. At home, everyone’s situations are different and this leads to uneven production levels, depending on your living situation.

Some people have quiet at home offices, some do not, some people have peace and quiet at home, others do not. Having an office gives everyone an equal chance to perform the work at the level that they were hired to do.


4. Feeling Support Through Collaboration

People feel better about themselves and their workplace when they collaborate with fellow employees. When people feel better and more engaged, they’re also more creative and happy. This is important when trying to get the best out of each and every employee.

If employees are not happy and are feeling excluded from group decisions due to working in the confines of their home, they are less likely to be productive, and more likely to leave the company. As humans, we need that sense of engagement.


5. Spontaneous Interactions Create Magic

There’s a certain spontaneous atmosphere offices offer, that remote working does not. Sure, there are always going to be planned meetings, and you can do this via Skype or Microsoft Teams, but what about the spontaneous meeting by the microwave, or by the water cooler. Oftentimes magic can happen when it isn’t planned, and through remote working, everything needs to be planned.


For these reasons, we believe that the office is here to stay. Remote working is great in many ways and has been a lifesaver during an extremely difficult time, but it is missing some of the magic that an office offers.


Name: Tatiana Maldonado

Tatiana Maldonado