The Proper Way to Market your Business During Covid-19

by James Miller

Posted on May 12, 2020 at 12:31 AM

The Proper Way to Market your Business During Covid-19

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In the last few months, coronavirus has found a way to affect all of us. The impact of COVID-19 is different for everyone, but especially for businesses and business owners. Previously marketing strategies will no longer work and creating new marketing campaigns requires sensitivity to the current climate. 

If you provide a service, consider offering a free trial or provide premium features for free for existing customers. Yes, giving something for free means losing the revenue you would have made. However, that shouldn’t be your goal right now. Keep your focus on maintaining your existing customers who may be more likely to cut back on certain expenses right now. 


Plus, If you increase new users through free trials, there’s a chance of those new users converting to consistent membership users after the free trial period. 

Empathy is playing a huge part in marketing strategy right now. The worst thing a company could do is make light of such a serious situation or the impact it has on its customers. Immediately decide what should be paused and then consider what changes and adjustments need to be made. 

Another change you may have to make to your marketing strategy is the imagery and language you use. Rather than using the image of a large crowd of people, consider using those of people practicing social distancing. You may also want to consider how you phrase certain things. “Get in touch” or “work hand in hand” may not be the best choice in the current climate. 

And while you will want to adjust your marketing strategy, be careful to avoid appearing to capitalize on the crisis. Bragging or contributing to panic and alarmism will likely alienate some customers and clients. That being said, don’t let positivity and optimism verge into ignorance. Stay up to date with current recommendations and data. 

One way to boost your marketing is by giving back. Every community needs some help right now. By giving back to your community and incorporating that into a marketing campaign, your customer and clients will remember.  

So, what types of marketing should you focus on? News sites and online publications like The Atlantic have seen visits nearly double. Email marketing and email newsletters have also seen a large up-swing as companies reach out to customers. Consider doing the same. You may never have so many potential customers all at home on their computers and phones at one time again. 

Now is also a great time to boost your social media presence. If you’ve neglected your business’ Facebook or Instagram, check back in and focus on gaining more followers. Social media outlets are an excellent option for offering deals and keeping the customer informed about changes to your business operations or practices. 

Another way to reach your customers or potential clients is with your online content. Whether you have a website or a blog, now is the time to bulk up the available content for readers. You could plan features like a self-isolation photo contest or collect funny quarantine stories from your readers. Online content gives you the chance to make your potential customer base smile and also stay informed. When you write content related to COVID-19, be sure to use reputable sources and provide them for your readers. 

For small business owners, it’s especially important to analyze your marketing strategy and see what needs to be tweaked. While we won’t all have to stay home forever, social restrictions and safety recommendations will have to play a part in your marketing.