Starting a Business in 2021

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on January 24, 2021 at 5:43 PM

Starting a Business in 2021

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2020 was not a particularly good year for many, many people. However, the past is the past and successful entrepreneurs are always looking to the future. This year is no different and 2021 seems to be a great year to start a business. This might seem counterintuitive, but many experts have specified a handful of reasons why this year is a great year to make your business come to fruition. Here are five reasons why 2021 is your year.


The Internet Has Truly Proliferated

Through the decade, the largest and most profound change in our society has been the rise of the internet. We’ve reached a point where consumers go to the web for most of their shopping and are willing to pay some slight premiums for the ease and convenience that online shopping offers.

The rise of e-commerce and virtual assistant work, on top of freelance writing and designing, has led to a massive spike in business done online, and it’s estimated that that spike rose by 40% during the Covid- 19 pandemic. It’s never been easier to put your business online for the world to see and interact with.


Additional Introspection Has Helped People Realize Their Strengths

For the majority of the population, 2020 was a year spent at home and carefully reflecting on themselves and what they can do. For many, past doubt and worry were both cast aside and amplified in equal measure, leading to epiphanies and the desire to achieve greater than previously desired.

Essentially, many people at home learned what they can excel at have realized that work doesn’t feel like work when you’re doing something you love. Thousands, if not millions, of others were motivated to start a business they truly love, and now’s not the time to miss out on this cultural zeitgeist.


Recessions Mean A Greater Number of Workers

One terrible effect of the Covid-19 pandemic was the fact that millions of workers were forced out of their jobs and into their homes. While, on a societal level, this is a terrible fact, it’s actually a positive for those who wish to start and maintain a new business.

People who are out of work need to make a living and will therefore be willing to work for different kinds of businesses, even branching out to work they’ve never considered. In addition, many people with valuable and unique skills were forced out of the market and are just waiting for someone to recognize their talents and value in the private sector.


You’ve Discovered a Niche

Time alone has given people more than just motivation and the desire to begin a new job or open a new business. The availability of the internet and time provided by the pandemic has opened up new avenues and niches for people to recognize and fill with their own unique ideas and abilities. While the marketplace is becoming more crowded, those entering are increasingly finding their own role in the market and providing goods and services not easily found elsewhere.


Organizing Layout and Buyer’s Experiences is Simpler Than Ever

In the past, businesses had more on their minds than simply what they sold and how they sold it. Brick and mortar stores needed to attract a general but large clientele and give their shoppers an experience which was both memorable and that they’d want to have again for years to come.


The internet has gone a long way in streamlining this process, as there are tools readily available – along with paid services – which expressly help domain owners create and organize an easily navigable and simple shopping experience. The easier you make the online experience for your customers, the most likely they are to come back and recommend your store and online space to friends and family.


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Tatiana Maldonado