Small Business Trends Of 2021

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on January 2, 2021 at 1:41 AM

Small Business Trends Of 2021

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It’s no secret that 2020 has been a hard year for many, small businesses included. The bright side is that you’ve made it through this tough year and as we enter a new year, there are many trends that will help your business grow.

Let’s go through some of the trends that will be appearing in 2021, and discuss how you can use these to your benefit and help your business grow.


Going Digital Is Now Essential

Going digital has been suggested for years now, but with the pandemic it has become essential. If your business has not already gone digital, you need too.

It isn’t just about having an online presence it’s about creating an easy journey for the customer. They don’t only want this, but they expect it. You need to have a website and social media presence that are easily navigable.

Customers won’t stay on your website long if it isn’t easy to navigate. 2021 will see a rise in customers searching for business online. You need to make sure that you’re prepared.


Customers Are Looking For Empathetic Businesses

This year has been hard, and people are looking for businesses who ignore the struggles that many have gone through in 2020. They don’t just want sales driven down their throats, they want connection, and empathy.

Starting a conversation with your customers, asking them how their year has been, what you can do to help, are all part of a successful customer journey.

Connection is going to be a large part of 2021, so make sure that you’re connecting and starting conversation with customers.


Customers Are Leaning More Towards Small Businesses Than Before

One positive aspect of the pandemic is that consumers are leaning towards shopping small. After seeing many of their beloved businesses close, people are trying to prevent this from continuing.

Maybe in the past, local marketing hasn’t been as reactive as you might like, you might find more success with this in 2021.

Local marketing is increasing, and if you’re a small business, you need to reach out to those who live close-by. You might find yourself finding more success than before.


Freelancing Is Getting Bigger And Bigger

Hiring freelancers is definitely something to think about if you’re a small business looking for quality work and hoping to save some money as well. Freelancers have been on the rise for years now. They can complete a variety of different tasks, and you can avoid hiring them on full time and providing benefits.

Workers enjoy the freedoms of setting their own hours, and working for different outfits. Many are reliable and can provide all the work that you need at a good price. It’s definitely something to think about if you’re a small business looking to grow in 2021.


Remote Work Is The New Normal

This started out as a temporary model when COVID hit, but has turned into the new norm. Many companies have navigated this new trend successfully and it looks like remote work might be here to stay.


These are all things to think about if you’re a small business looking to be successful in 2021.



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Tatiana Maldonado