Having a Successful Product Launch

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on October 27, 2021 at 1:31 AM

Having a Successful Product Launch

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Traditionally, product launches were always challenging, but they are especially challenging in 2021 given how much the world has changed in the past (almost) 2 years. Economic uncertainty is the key problem for many still, and more especially if you have something new to sell. However, with consumer confidence and spending having stabilized in recent months around the globe, there’s a hidden irony that the pandemic presents some unique opportunities for those people with both the resources and talent to seize. If you’re thinking of launching a new product or service soon, here are some insights that might help you maximize your chances for your product’s success.


Re-think your target audience


It’s common knowledge that you must know who your product is aimed at. From the start, you should know who you are marketing towards, what their characteristics are and what will keep them coming back. But it’s important to remember that given the global upheaval that has happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things may have changed with whom you always had success with. For example, the way people commute to work has totally changed. So has the workday for many industries.

These changes to how we live our day-to-day lives influences what people want from what they buy. Spending habits have changed, and that has direct consequences to you, if you are launching something new.


Feedback and reviews are more important than ever


Reviews can make or break a business and there are too many real world examples of how poor reviews have ruined fledgling businesses. Now, more than ever, people are behind their computers and literally live on the Internet. A customer’s ability to provide quick reviews has never been easier, and they love to complain when something doesn’t go right!

We all know that satisfied customers are less likely to leave you a positive review than unsatisfied ones, and of course that’s not fair. But the reality is customer satisfaction needs to be even more so at the front of everything you do.

So ensure you are willing to respond to critical reviews and make things right, if necessary.


Be problem solving


Let’s revisit the previous point about knowing your buyer. We know that if you have a detailed understanding of who they are, then you will also know the pain points of your customers.

With this in mind, it is imperative in the current climate to market your new product to highlight how your product solves their problems. This might sound like a very subtle shift, but some simple rephrasing in your launch to focus on ‘solving problems’ can be what puts you ahead of your competition.

Having copy written that talks about the most pressing problem of your target audience and how you provide a solution to it will set you apart.

The good news is that this doesn’t require much effort or expense, it’s just a shift in the language of your marketing and advertising, but it will for sure pay off.


Social media is still crucial


Engage with your audience constantly, and do it via social media. You need to know your audience and your audience wants to know you too. Engaging with them builds trust and loyalty, which are key factors for your long-term success.


Social media is great because your customers use it every day, at least the majority of them will. Posts that are about specific products, employee profiles, where your vision comes from, a product’s history and customer testimonials are all perfect ways to keep the communication going with your customers. When you are launching something new, create that buzz with numerous posts to build anticipation.



Name: Tatiana Maldonado

Tatiana Maldonado