Building A Sales Page That Converts

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on August 9, 2021 at 2:17 AM

Building A Sales Page That Converts

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If you’ve spent any length of time in the business industry then you already know the importance of landing pages for converting visitors into paying customers. If you want to convert readers who are merely browsing your page and checking out their options into loyal customers that purchase from your business, a good sales page is critical. Your landing page is critical if you want to convert leads and, since it’s your one shot at getting customers, there’s a lot of pressure riding on it.


What gets tricky is when you think about the fact that not all landing pages are created equal and none have a guarantee that they’ll actually work to convert your leads. Some landing pages are stunning and of the highest quality and you’ll instantly be able to tell what they’re selling. On the other hand, others are the complete opposite. They’re just giant blocks of text that won’t give you any idea what they’re even offering before you quickly exit the page.


You want to avoid this type of landing page for your business if you’re attempting to convert leads and attract new consumers. If you’re working on your sales page and need to know the basics of how you can build a sales page that actually converts, this is the article for you. Below we’ll show you all our tips for building a sales page that converts leads!


Know Your Audience


The bottom line is that you can’t sell a product if you don’t know who you’re selling it to. To build a sales page that targets your consumers and encourages them to purchase from you, it’s important that know who you’re selling it to. Knowing your audience and researching them is the most important step in building your sales page. If you’re feeling a little clueless when we talk about knowing your audience, you want to stop right now and get started with researching your audience. This is the most important and base step to building a sales page that converts leads!


Focus On Your Pricing


The perfect price significantly and directly affects your conversion rate from your landing page. Now, this is where it’s important that you know your audience and understand them. The perfect price point for your landing page comes directly from your audience and what you know about them. You want to do your research thoroughly and know where they’ve usually purchased from and what they’re typically willing to pay.


The Process


Once you’ve figured out the content for your sales page and what you need to convince buyers, there comes the process of actually building your landing page. The process involves two major parts that you’ll want to focus on; the design and copy. Since this is what will affect not only consumer's impression of your business but also will either be what encourages or discourages them from purchasing from you, it’s critical.


With your design, you want to build interest with a creative and thoughtful design that will grab consumer's attention and draw them to the landing page. For the header section, you want to make sure that there’s a strong headline and an equally strong image to build a good first impression. Focus on putting high-quality images on your landing page. Nothing discourages consumers more than when they see that businesses couldn’t even put enough effort into their page to get high-quality images.


Next, you’ll want to make sure that the copy written for your landing page is nothing short of perfect. The copy is going to be what will directly convince consumers to purchase from you and allow you to make your argument for why your business is the best choice. This is where you’ll really get into all the details of your product and get to convince your consumers.


It’s also important that you include reviews, testimonials, and FAQ sections, and clear pricing points on your sales page. The most critical part of your landing page, and the one that you can’t forget, is to remember to include plenty of CTAs throughout your content. Without direct links that your visitors can use to purchase your products, your content is useless. The CTAs need to stand out and be prominent on your page so that they’re easy for consumers to access.


Make It Scannable


People shouldn’t have to read through thousands of words of copy before they even understand what you’re trying to sell. Your landing page isn’t a novel, it should be easy for consumers to quickly scan through to understand your business and what you’re offering. Make sure that your sales page includes lots of headers throughout and images so that visitors can easily scan your content and find what they need to know.


Get Started!


Congrats! You’ve just learned all the important basics of building a killer landing page that will convert your leads into paying customers interested in your business. By following the instructions above you can get a high-quality landing page that will have your leads clicking your CTAs and interested in buying your product. By including reviews and testimonies to build your reputation and having a clear, straightforward landing page you’ll have buyers in no time! Now it’s just time to take what you’ve learned and get started with designing your killer sales page!


Name: Tatiana Maldonado

Tatiana Maldonado