5 Ways to receive business at a networking event

by Ellayna Ormonde

Posted on May 28, 2019 at 7:06 AM

5 Ways to receive business at a networking event

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Whether you are an entrepreneur with your own company, or part of sales force for an employer, networking events are fertile ground for connecting with potential customers.  First, you need to have the right approach. Here are 5 ways to receive business at networking event…

Do favors – Networking is all about give and take.  Show that you can enrich the lives of other networkers not just by the services you offer but also by the favors that you are willing to do. Karma is a strong force in the world of networking.

Follow Up – People don’t usually show up to networking events ready to buy or commit to something on the spot.  Don’t show up with the expectation of closing sales or deals at the event.  Instead look at it as an opportunity to cultivate future customers or a step towards getting the word out about what you have to offer.  So take the time for a quick, low-impact follow up with the most open and eager of the contacts you made during the event.  Also keep in mind that networking is also a two way street.  Be receptive to people who follow up with you.  They just might be the gateway to a pile of new customers. 

Have Memorable Business Cards – When all is said and done, the people you met at a networking event may only have your business card to remember you by. So make them memorable.  This is not an area to cut corners.  If you are going to be the real deal, you are going to need business cards that are the real deal.  Quality, eye-catching business cards can be designed and printed professionally with just a few clicks on the internet, so there is no excuse for printing and cutting your own at home.

Don’t Be Too Driven – You know when you are cruising around the internet having a good time checking out some news or recipes then all of a sudden a pop-up advertisement for something you don’t want blots out your content and insists on being addressed before it goes away?  Don’t be the equivalent of a pop-up ad at a networking event.  Enough said.

Get Referrals – The person you are talking to at a networking event may not be an potential customer but that does not mean they don’t know lots of people who are.  Networking goes beyond who you know to who they know.  Spend time chatting people up who are not in your “target demographic” and politely ask them to refer you any friends or colleagues of theirs whom might be a match for what you have to offer.  Walking down that two way street again, also make sure you are willing to do the same for them.


Name: Ellayna Ormonde

Ellayna Ormonde