5 Reasons to Network After Work

by Ellayna Ormonde

Posted on March 26, 2019 at 11:51 PM

5 Reasons to Network After Work

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5 Reasons to Network After Work

Network After Work isn’t just the name of America’s premier face-to-face networking organization, it’s also the organization’s philosophy.  With event’s that run from 6-9pm on weekdays, there are many reasons to skip the weekend expos and late night mixers to instead Network After Work.  Here are 5 of them…

You Are Already Dressed For It – The best way to dress for networking events is to dress like you do for work.  Why go through the hassle of trying to decide what to wear or changing outfits before heading to an event when you can just drop in and network after work?

You Are Already Out - Let’s face it.  Once you get home after work you are in for the night.  With Network After Work there is no need to get re-motivated to go out again.

Save Time – Building Network After Events into your commute home cuts down your travel time (and costs) when compared to scheduling networking events as a separate trip.

A Great Transition – Network After Work events are the perfect blend of professional networking and relaxed socializing in a cool venue which makes them a great way to wrap up a work day

Save Your Weekend – Keep your weekend for weekend things and get your networking handled during the week when you are already in the work zone.fgffffffffhs


Name: Ellayna Ormonde

Ellayna Ormonde