Money is not the root of all evil

Tags: Business Growth,Growth Strategy
  • Learn how business leaders can meet their revenue and growth goals in a fair, equitable, socially, and economically responsible way with Kim Kelley.

    What you should take away from this presentation:

    1.    Understand why being in business just to make a profit isn’t enough anymore

    2.    Learn how to define your companies impact goals in a way that compliments profitability

    3.    Find out who really is making social impact vs. those that are making PR statements

    4.    Discover what you can do as a business leader, influencer, or Talent to further social impact.  

About Kim Kelley:

Kim Kelley is the CEO/Co-Founder of pepelwerk, a social enterprise leveraging technology to create an equitable working world.

She has spent 25 years helping companies achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals for social impact through forward thinking people practices, leveraging technology for good, and connecting the two to improve operations to meet business objectives. 

Before launching pepelwerk she was an SVP of People and Culture for a global ecommerce company, worked with the fortune 50 including Wal-Mart, Nike, American Airlines, and others in operations and as an HR consultant helping them implement, innovate, evolve and optimize their people strategies to meet the needs of the business, the people that work for them and the customers they serve. 

She challenges the conversation of what diversity and equity is, the infrastructure that inhibits economic equity, and the ideals and unconscious bias that limit how leaders see the impact to their business.